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Who's Ahmed Taeha

Fueled by a passion for problem-solving, I founded District Hut, a software development firm, where I currently serve as the CEO. I’m studying Computer Science, during which I developed an avid interest in crafting apps and games from the ground up. As a full stack developer, my proud creations, Territory Tycoons and Islamic Guidance, are slated for publication in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2023 respectively. Intrigued by the possibilities that Machine Learning presents, I am on a continuous quest to explore its potential. Having personally experienced the adverse effects of MRI limitations—enduring five back surgeries and a spinal fluid leak in my early 20's due to the MRI's inability to distinguish between a neural and a disc cyst—I am committed to making a difference. I am in active pursuit of research opportunities in AI, specifically ML and DL, with a keen focus on advancing MRI technology for the benefit of underserved communities facing similar health concerns. In parallel to my tech-driven aspirations, I also inherited a family passion for Real Estate/Land Development, an arena where I am exploring the implementation of ML to foster innovation. When I'm not wrestling with algorithms or real estate development, you can find me wrestling on the mat, hiking, engaging in outdoor activities, or cherishing time with my family and friends.

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What I Do

Web & Mobile App Developer

As a web and mobile app developer, I leverage my expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JS, and Flutter with Dart to craft high-quality web and mobile applications. I prioritize responsive design and seamless functionality, ensuring all solutions align with user needs and business objectives. My proficiency is underscored by a commitment to the latest industry standards.

Ethical Hacker & Cyber Security Expert

Having unfortunately experienced a security breach with a client, I took proactive measures to enhance my expertise. Now, as an ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert certified by Udemy, I diligently identify and rectify digital vulnerabilities. I simulate cyber-attacks to uncover system weaknesses and implement rigorous security protocols, ensuring robust protection against potential threats.

Machine Learning Developer

As a machine learning developer, I specialize in creating algorithms that empower computers to derive insights from data. With a strong foundation in neural networks, statistical modeling, and programming in languages like Python and R, I design models for prediction, classification, and pattern recognition. My expertise bridges the gap between big data and artificial intelligence, crafting efficient solutions for intricate challenges across diverse sectors.

Land Developer

I throw myself down among the tall grass by the stream as Ilie close to the earth.

6+ years of experience


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Al-Arqam Islamic Highschool
2014 - 2018

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B.S. in Computer Science

California State University, Sacramentof
2018 - 2024

During my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at CSUS, my academic journey was unexpectedly extended by two years due to a series of life-threatening spine surgeries I underwent. The challenges posed by these medical setbacks only fortified my resolve. Despite the physical and emotional hurdles, I persevered, utilizing the foundational knowledge and support from the CSUS community to excel in my studies. This unique journey not only equipped me with technical expertise but also instilled resilience and determination that I carry forward in all my endeavors.

Licensed Contractor

Licensed Contractor

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Certified Personal Trainer


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Cyber Security & Ethical Hacker Certificate


After the unfortunate experience of a security breach with one of my clients, I felt a compelling need to further bolster my skills and knowledge. This led me to enroll in a cybersecurity bootcamp at Udemy. The rigorous training and insights acquired from this intensive program equipped me with a deep understanding of the nuances of cybersecurity. It was a transformative experience, transforming a challenging setback into an opportunity for growth and expertise in the realm of digital protection.

Artificial Intelligence Certificate

Udemy University

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Digital Ocean









My company


I am actively seeking a dynamic lab that focuses on AI research, ideally within the medical domain. Should any opportunities arise, please reach out to me.

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My apps

Territory Tycoons - Slide, Divide, Unleash the Tycoon Inside!

Coming Soon 3rd quarter of 2023

Step into the exhilarating universe of "Territory Tycoons - Slide, Divide, Unleash the Tycoon Inside!"In Territory Tycoons, you're more than just a player; you're an ambitious tycoon seeking to assert dominance over vast lands! Prepare to slide your way into the most thrilling strategic battle of wits and tactics.The game challenges you to skillfully divide territories, carving out your unique space in this vibrant 3D world. Your mission is to tactically encroach, cut through, and claim unoccupied regions while defending your conquered territories from other tycoons eyeing your domain.But it's not just about conquests and territories! With every slide, every divide, you are crafting your own journey towards becoming a true tycoon. Rise through the ranks, build your reputation, and prove your mettle in the world of strategic gaming.

Islamic Guidance - By the Community, for the Community!

Coming Soon 4rd quarter of 2023

Islamic Guidance is a purpose-built application designed to foster unity within the Islamic community. This comprehensive app includes the complete Quran, precise prayer timings, and a sleek, modern user interface. It also boasts a distinctive feature that allows users to pose any Islam-related questions and receive accurate responses. Additionally, it supports non-profit organizations by providing a platform for efficient fundraising, among many other features. Coming soon in 4th quarter of 2023.

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